Young Americans: The Short-Film That Blew Our Minds

I just watched a short film by Kevin Lacy called Young Americans.  Only this simple, yet effective, tagline is presented.

A teenage girl recruits a former high school classmate with a crush on her to help her rob a bank.

That is all that was needed to peek my interest, but it did not prepare me for the complete and utter thought bending journey I actually traversed.

I was immediately expecting to go down the road of a manipulative love affair that is fueled by greed and power. A young woman discovering the powerful influence she has over a boy who is lusting for her. I think all men have that one relationship that bordered on this theme, and they can identify with where I thought this was going.

young americans

Stevie Lynn Jones and Matthew Van Oss in ‘Young Americans’

But this story contained so much more. It wasn’t greed, it was motivated by fear and love. This was a captivating and refreshing eye opener that screams that nothing is ever exactly as it seems. This is a must watch, and I warn that you will be on the edge of your seat.  Your heart will pound as your chest perfectly reciprocates the emotions being displayed on screen.

Watch the film below:

Starring: Stevie Lynn Jones, Matthew Van Oss and Michelle Bernard
Writer/Director: Kevin Lacy
Producer: Alejandro Torroja Nubiola
Cinematographer: Kristin Fieldhouse
Production Designer: Elena Cozlovschi
Editor: Lilly Urban
Music By: Victoria De La Vega
Casting Director: Kiki Ruud

Shot on 35mm Kodak Motion Picture Film
Post Services by Technicolor / Deluxe

This film deserves every one of these accolades and more. Bravo!

WINNER: College Emmy – 2nd Place Drama
College Television Awards 2014 – Television Academy Foundation

WINNER: Richard P. Rogers – Spirit of Excellence Award
American Film Institute

WINNER: Audience Award – Best Live Action Short – Runner-Up
Palm Springs International ShortFest

WINNER: The Clover and Maggie Award: In Celebration of Life
Cleveland International Film Festival 2014

WINNER: Grand Prize Audience Award
FLICKERS: Rhode Island Film Festival 2014

WINNER: Audience Award – Best Short Film
Ashland Independent Film Festival 2014

WINNER: Audience Award – Best Short Film
Sedona International Film Festival 2014

WINNER: Best Short Film
San Jose International Short Film Festival 2014

WINNER – Student Film of the Year
Student Filmmaker Awards 2015

WINNER: Best Student Short Film
CineGear Expo 2014 at Paramount

WINNER: Best Short Film
Milledgeville Film Festival 2014

WINNER: John Kelly Cinematography Award
Fresno Film Festival 2014

WINNER – Best Student Short Film
Logan Film Festival