Yes, Gun Nut Conservatives Are Actually Fantasizing President Obama’s Violent Assassination On Facebook

President Obama recently addressed the unfortunate tragedy in Oregon in a very pointed and heartfelt press conference.   As a result, a wave of Conservatives have taken to Facebook to express their displeasure about the President’s call for action.  It appears that their displeasure is only relieved by the expression of their fantasies that they would be able to violently assassinate President Obama.

I have to ask a question to Conservative America…. REALLY?   You would rather allow these people access to firearms without responsible restrictions than work toward effective Gun Control Legislation?  Are you kidding me?

This all started on Pamela Geller’s Blog after she posted this:


Her readers quickly followed with some seriously misguided responses.  For example, “Radical Islam was responsible for the Oregon Shootings?”



Accusations went wild, that Obama is not a Christian, he is a Muslim, or is actually Satan in the flesh….


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Then suddenly, posts went to a despicable place, and honestly one that should land these people charged, in jail, and ultimately revoking their rights to ever possess firearms again.   This is one of the most disgusting displays of treason to this country that I have ever encountered.  Be prepared, the followings posts are pretty bad and may not be appropriate for some:


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Now, I am sure the Secret Service will be all over these next one… And apparently those posting the comments were already aware, and ready to challenge the Secret Service to an armed stand off… (that would obviously not end well for these posters)

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