Will The Real Crook Please Stay Standing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz and family, are should your last name be Gambino, Genovese, Lucchese or is it just Bulger? If the alleged allegations are true Gliniewicz’s all of you are garbage. Please allow me to further elaborate, I’m talking rubbish, just dirty and nasty. The Gliniewicz’s were over this explorer program, in which he put young people interested in law enforcement careers through sophisticated training exercises. In a newspaper interview weeks ago, D.J. Gliniewicz angrily dismissed suggestions that his father took his own life. Lt Charles Gliniewicz wife (Melodie Gliniewicz ) also assisted him running the program strongly denied this charge as well. So now time has come about and the Fox Lake Police Dept. and D.A. finally decided to disclose what they have known for a while to the public. That this guy and family had been stealing and laundering money from a police department program that mentored young people hoping to become law enforcement officers, Filenko said. Gliniewicz, a leader in that program, had been stealing money for at least seven years, he said. The investigation found that the officer, who had experience creating mock crime scenes, staged his suicide to make it look like a homicide. The officer placed his equipment at the scene in an “attempt to mislead first responders and investigators to believe this was a homicide,”Filenko said. stealing for years from this fund. A dirty cop, stink like an obese hog. Its even coming out Charles J. Gliniewicz put a hit on one of his Administrators.

As if suicide wasn’t one of the first thoughts while investigating this, yet you gave a proper law enforcement burial, manhunt (for who I might add) spent more tax payers money, lies, lies, lies of descent you continue to speak. Neveetheless enough of my whine, before becoming a police officer, Gliniewicz served active duty in the Army and Reserve from 1980 to 2007, earning the nickname GI Joe from those who knew him. He left the military with a rank of first sergeant. All of this allows me to believe he did have good intentions, I guess the stress of life got the best of him unfortunately. However not just Lt. Charles Gliniewicz because it continues in Fox Lake, why has the Police Chief resigns? Why is/was the entire Dept. of Lake Fox being investigated?