Why ESPN Falsly Leaked Brady Willing To Accept Suspension Yesterday

imageESPN, the self proclaimed Worldwide Leader in Sports leaked yesterday that Brady was willing to accept a one game suspension but only if it was for failure to cooperate, this didn’t sit right with me yesterday.


Here is why I think ESPN and the NFL leaked this information… Falsly

I suspect the NFL knew they would get reamed today in court and wanted to change the narrative. If you notice, all the news shows (Felger, Gottlieb, Highly Questionable etc…) are emphasizing Brady’s alleged concession — instead of talking about how bad the NFL got killed in court today.

Impressive PR stunt indeed and most sports show hosts are taking the bait.. But it makes me increasingly suspicious of the leak (especially in light on Florio, Howe and Rappaort reporting the opposite).

But go and flip channels on national sports news: they are talking about the 1-game offer and not the nightmare on the 2nd circuit for the NFL. It makes sense now.

What would they be talking about if the NFL didn’t leak that to ESPN? They would have to discuss Berman’s many attacks on the NFL, including, most importantly, his acknowledgement that he can vacate the award based on the witness issue.

The NFL successfully buried the lead. It is pretty clever. Won’t help them in court but they are minimizing the PR damage in the news today.


Fuck ESPN and fuck Goodell