When is a Contract Valid to the term of its original intent?

Phillip Phillips is attempting to leave “American Idol” (19 Entertainment Company) to join Michael McDonald, not the singer nor actor, but John Mayer’s ex-manager.

My thing is this when you were nobody and auditioned for American Idol, you didn’t realize the terms of the contract?

Okay, okay, so you were young and just eager to audition and wanted to judge your talent meter.  Well, guess what Dick Tracey? You have decent talent (No disrespect, I can’t hold one single note).   Time has now elapsed,  and you have come to the realization that “oh crap I’m actually better than good and I have a piss poor contract”.   You need to just “Man Up”, and honor the terms of the contract or pay whatever you must to properly get out of it, if you so desire.

My words of wisdom here:  Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go to court for whatever reason your “People” may suggest.

Remember, P.P., you signed on the dotted line.  You must honor that.  In my best country twang “Put on your Big Boy Britches” and move forward buddy row.