What’s The Cheese With ‘Deflate-Gate’ ?

What’s the Cheese for this week covers “DeflateGate.”

What will be next with the NFL? The Cheese wants to know. We can let guys beat up their spouses in public and then only give them a 2 game suspension, but then, God forbid. We have a person “supposedly,” involved in something like “DeflateGate,” get suspended for 4 games. It is appealed and upheld. The Cheese calls BS on this! We let players get away with serious crimes, as well as violations but give them a slap on the wrist. Roger Goodell is a joke and needs to be fired! He has let all kinds of shenanigans go on with no punishment, then picks and chooses the violations that he wants to enforce. Did anybody think that his decisions maybe money motivated? Gee, you think!  Tell you what Mr. Goodell, let’s try being consistent in choosing violations and penalties or you get penalized your job.


Even though Aaron Hernandez maybe on deathrow, guess what, he will be allowed to return to the NFL if Mr. Goodell has his say so. Maybe, we should make Goodell the commissioner over the prison league?  Mr. Goodell, watch out you have the Jameis Winston’s of the world coming into the league. If you don’t start cracking down on all of these players equally, then they will run all over you. Of course your bank account will probably grow. Who knows, the NFL may turn into the prison league at the rate their going. So let’s bring in a new sheriff and clean up the league. These players are idols to our younger generation! Let the Cheese know what your thoughts are, fire Goodell or not?

~  The Cheese