What We Learned from Today’s Hearing With Judge Berman, Brady and Goodell

Today was a major step in the right direction for Patriots fans. Judge Berman absolutely roasted the NFL and their lack of hard evidence: Here are some take aways from today’s hearing:

Judge Berman started out by asking the NFL’s attorney if they had any evidence linking Brady to tampering

Berman:”Is there any direct evidence linking Mr. Brady to tampering?”


Judge Berman then went on and made the same observation that all of Patriot nation has been saying all along

Berman: “Turns out Mr. Brady did better with higher inflated balls than underinflated balls. You might say he got no competitive advantage”

He then went on to say he’s really trying to figure out what direct evidence the NFL has, he like everyone else, can’t find it…

Berman: “I’m trying to figure out what is the direct evidence that implicates Mr. Brady in that deflation…in that bathroom…on Jan. 18”

Judge Berman continued on pressuring the NFL for DIRECT exvidence that Brady tampered… They had nothing.

Berman “Is there a text in which Mr. Brady instructs someone to put a needle in a football?”

“No there is not such direct evidence.”




NFL Lawyer, Daniel Nash went on to say other evidence “Clearly indicates Mr. Brady’s knowledge and encouragement of this activity, such as texts after games”

Judge Berman went on to say he didnt know what to make of Goodells and Wells decision that Brady was at least “generally aware of wrongdoing”

Berman: “I don’t know what to make of that finding Tom Brady was at least generally aware of the activities of Mcnally, Jastremski.”

 Im starting to like this judge….

Judge Berman went on to say: “Somebody deflated the balls, but it didn’t help Mr. Brady. Does that matter?”

Nash (NFL Atty): “What matters is the commissioner’s thought on that. His judgement.”

Judge Berman: “What is the evidence of a scheme or conspiracy that covers the Jan. 15 game? I’m having trouble finding it.”



It was then Jeffrey Kessler’s turn (Brady’s Attorney)

Judge Berman to Kessler: It looks like they…deflated the game balls? Why would either one of them do that without Mr. Brady’s consent?” (Referring to McNally and Jastremski)

Kessler: “It is conceivable Mr. McNally thought it would be something that would be good for his QB. That makes a certain logical sense.”

Berman then asked about the lack of cooperation with the Wells Investigation

Judge Berman: Why did Mr. Brady not cooperate with the Wells investigation, with respect to providing texts?

Kessler: “Brady didn’t turn over his phone because of privacy concerns…was also advised by his agent (and also a lawyer, Don Yee) to not turn over his phone, it isn’t required and Brady was told he wouldn’t be suspended for this move”

Kessler: “He gets phones all the time! Whenever he gets one, he gives (the old one) to his assistant and says get rid of the phone!”

Court was adjourned after these statements, but Judge Berman definitely went hard after the NFL, and I believe after this day of hearings, its 1-0 Brady… The next scheduled  brief is Friday August 14th (Brady not required to attend, just lawyers). The next big date for Patriots fans is August 19th, where Goodell and Brady will be back in court again… After this final hearing we will have an answer by September 4th (just 6 days before we raise the banner).  And by the way things looked today, Brady will be there… This judge is all about getting this resolved, while Goodell is all about pleasing the other 31 owners.
One final observation is just how bad the court room artist is:
When Goodell is fired, he can take the courtroom artist with him, holy fuck this is awful. Why is his face melting?!? Probably an independent artist hired by Goodell… Brady lookin’ like he needs to phone home… My god is this just awful, I can’t get over it…