What does this say about our youth, coaches, people in sports in general?

Is this an isolated incident? Are these type of actions becoming more frequent? Why are we accepting such behavior?

Several factors why: Money, Greed, lack of accountability, Making excuses because of one or no parents in the home. Who cares about your income status, it’s about common sense and respect status “dummies”.  Nevertheless, this is wrong on so many levels.

When I was this age: Coaches, Ref’s, Principle’s, Teacher’s, Police Officers, etc… All were extended Parents and my respect level towards them was as such.  To have mustered up the balls (nuts) to go after a referee is beyond my thought process now at 47 yrs of age.  These damn boys are crazy little bastards.  It is disturbing to think of these two future rapists and murders (though they may change with maturity and God’s Grace and Mercy) I pray this occurs.

The adult “Coach” that allegedly instructed these kids to complete this idiotic task.  If in fact he did this, he needs to be deemed unfit to ever coach, teach and/or be affiliated with kids again.  Mr. Referee man, if you used racial slurs (forget any bad calls) then partner you too deserve exactly what the coach should get. Truthfully though, from a sportsman conduct code, respect level from kid to adult nothing warrants being attacked like an animal as these savages are shown on video attacking you. We must sacrifice for our youth for these people will rule the Earth which we currently live upon.