Week 5 Summary: Pats cruise to a 43-17 Victory over the Bengals

week 5

Now that was more like it. Last night the Patriots came out strong and beat up the Bengals 43-17 when most of the media was calling the Patriots down and out.

This team came out absolutely flying on the first drive, no huddles, fast paced offense just like I called for, and they didn’t look back!! The line protected Brady well all game, only allowing 1 sack and just a couple knockdowns, compared to the beating he took last week. The running game was also great (Ridley – 113 yds, Vereen – 90 yds). We need the running game to be great to keep this offense where it is.

This had the feeling of one of those games that could have been a blow out either way, but Cincinnati lived up to their horrible road performances in the spot light and looked atrocious. Our defense looked great, limiting Dalton to 204 passing yards (only 64 in the first half), and limited their rushing to only 79 yds. Revis did a great job on A.J. Green. Gronk looked great last night as well, that arm must be feeling fine as he lead with it a few times when being tackled, but then again, hes a nut job and that’s just how he is! The personal foul call against him I thought was BS, but it is what it is.. The refs got very flag happy but it was nice to pull out a win like this, I wouldn’t have been able to handle the media ripping for a second week in a row.

The Patriots (3-2) are at Buffalo (3-2) next week who came back and beat a solid Detroit team in the 4th quarter in week 5. This always seems like a guaranteed W on the schedule but Buffalo plays us tough, whenever they play us, its usually their Super Bowl. Also add the extra motivation from Brandon Spikes. This can’t be a game to overlook.. Which I know they wont…