Week 5 Patriots vs. Bengals preview


The New England Patriots (2-2) take on the Cincinnati Bengals (3-0) in this weeks prime time match up at Gillette. This game poses as a major test for the slipping Patriots team. Coming off an embarrassing loss to the Chiefs, after all the noise this week this game poses as a major test for them.

The Pats have to protect Brady this week at all cost. These defenses sending 4 guys and dropping back 7 and getting through to Brady has to stop! Right now our offense is very predictable. Run on first down, then a couple short passes on second and third and repeat. McDaniels has fucked up this offense since coming back. We use to play hard, fast and tough. Teams used to fake injuries on us just to catch their breath. Brady isn’t pissed about his receivers, he’s pissed about how this offense is being run. It’s obvious. When is the last time he even called an audible. Teams literally complained how fast we played. What about the bubble screen…WHY THE HELL DID WE GO AWAY FROM THIS? Unfortunately Belichick loves McDaniels so I don’t think anything is going to change in that aspect. Let Brady call the plays and run this offense! Everything will take care of itself. If we play fast, the D won’t be able to keep up with us.

The release of Thompkins doesn’t make sense to me, but I guess in Bill we trust. There must have been something we didn’t know about. I don’t get releasing a guy we just drafted and was our biggest target on offense.

And another thing, why are we $12M under the salary cap? We had a great thing going just a couple years ago with Woody, Spikes, Mankins, Blount and Welker. We downgraded in every single position across the board among these subtractions. At first I thought it was to cut back and use that space on help, be it o-line or receivers, but that didn’t happen..

Let’s just hope we can turn it around this week against a good team and get some momentum and confidence going into the tough part of our schedule.

Go Pats!!

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