Week 4 – Patriots Vs. Chiefs Preview


I’m not saying tonight is a big game for the Patriots, but I’m saying tonight is a big game for the Patriots. A big road game for them, and the crowd is going to be a major factor. (apparently going to be trying to set records). Add in a new rookie lineman (Update: 2 Rookie Lineman, Stork and Fleming), and it should make for a very interesting game.  Now obviously the O-line has been atrocious through the first 3 games, but tonight is really a major test for them. If this team pulls out a close low scoring win and Brady doesn’t take many hits, I’m OK with that. Even if we win and Brady takes an absolute beating, we’re in major trouble. (The schedule isn’t getting any easier)

The line needs work, against two pretty talented defensive lines full of established, and talented veteran players, they had problems, big problems! Everyone knows this, which is why I expect this game to be a major progression out of them. I know they can’t go from horrible to great in a week, but I want to at least see progression. Thats all!


Live tweet during the game here: @OTMSPORTSBOS


Pats 24-17