We Will Pay You To Stay Home

JaMarcus Russell former NFL quarterback and overall number one draft pick from the 2007 draft has come out with a statement that he would play one year for free if a NFL Team will give him the opportunity. Well brother I’ll first start by saying keep your black ass home! Why do I say that, one he is black and more importantly he has had more than his fair chances to prove his worthiness to be a NFL quarterback. So when you finally reached your agreement after holding out until the first week of the regular season Sept. 12th 2007, which was a six-years deal worth $68,000,000.00 (yes millions) with $31.5 million guaranteed, you were not MOTIVATED then partner?

Now at 30yrs of age and since being released from the Raiders May 6, 2010 you have had a few tryouts. In 2013 the Chicago Bears gave you a workout being that you went back to your college playing weight of 265 (p.s. you must stay under 300 dude)!!!!, however no NFL team in 2014-15 has given you a glance. Now dear JarMarcus will play for free. You have written letters to all 32 NFL teams asking for a tryout and pledging one free year of service, this is noble brother I must say. However I state again, sit your black ass down JarMarcus! (In my Fred G.Sanford voice) Shay Whitey gives you $31.5 million guaranteed, your play was horrid, your conditioning sucked, your weight went north of 300lbs. Help me out, why? Why should you get this glorious opportunity again to play in the National FootBall League? Because this is the United States of America, Best Wishes JarMarcus.
JaMarcus Russell