We want what Fox News correspondents are smoking!

Take a look at this interview with Ben Carson on Fox and Friends, this kind of banter leads me to believe that they have some really strong Mary J.  I sometimes wonder if they actually hear the words that are coming out of their mouth.

Ben Carson really did just say that “We need to be able to figure out who these individuals are so that we can intervene… guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

First off, I didn’t realize that Ben Carson was such a big ‘Happy Gilmore’ Fan…


Secondly, let me get this straight… His real position is that controlling the sale and distribution of firearms won’t stop anything but will only lead to government tyranny.   So you are willing to adopt a Nazi frame of mind in order to desperately pander to your demographic?

Yes, Nazi… Think about it.. What does this sound like?

  • So you are willing to give up your other civil liberties and privacy so that the government has a right to intervene and force people into treatment in the hopes that they are actual crazy person?
  • So how many innocent and sane people would suffer in this process?
  • You are afraid that the government will go around the country and wrangle up guns, so you are fine with the government going around and wrangling up people because they think they may commit a crime even if they haven’t yet?

But hey, what do I know… at least the Nazis had guns.