WATCH: Retired Patriots OL Dan Connolly Infamous Return Vs. Packers

Longtime New England Patriots offensive lineman Dan Connolly is going out on top. He has decided to retire.

A captain on the Patriots’ Super Bowl championship team in 2014, Connolly relayed his decision in an interview with

When asked if winning the Super Bowl was a catalyst to retire, Connolly said: “It definitely played a part in it; helped me sleep better. I’m more at ease with the decision.”

Going to miss you Dan. I will never forget this return against the Packers, it’s a dam shame he didn’t get this into the end zone. All I was thinking when watching this was the scene from The Little Giants.  It’s got to feel good to retire going out on top. Better your brain to be used now than have it used later in research. Best of luck

That reminds me… I used to think the chick from The Little Giants was hot. Granted I was 8 when the movie came out so I was at a very confused age.. Here’s what she looks like now… Not too shabby! I was spot on in my early childhood! totally do-able in my book… Becky O’Shea!


She also apparently had a sex scene in the movie Poison Ivy back in 2008, here is a link to that (NSFW)…. (Boy did this blog take an interesting twist…)