Trump, Carson still leading and climbing! WHY?!

Donald Trump is still leading the GOP national polls.    Let that sink in for a good second.




Yup.  He is still leading the polls.  While Ben Carson is climbing, it appears that since Trump’s last drop in the polls, he is climbing them yet again.  The most recent trend have him still climbing in the polls as other candidates are dropping out.   Any rational adult would have assumed that as the GOP Candidates started dwindling down, the supporters would have gone to someone a little more respectable, say Bush, Rubio, Fiorina, heck… even Cruz.

But take a look at the polls..GOPpolls

Not only are these other candidates not gaining steam, they have either flatlined or flat-out dropped in their poll numbers.  The scary truth of the situation is that Donald Trump and Ben Carson are both far ahead of this race.  Each day that goes by where they are still climbing in the polls, makes this thought get scarier and scarier.

Donald Trump is a walking insult to just about every immigrant, every Hispanic, every woman… Yet he is still here.  Why is that?  I don’t know.  Perhaps, the American people already know he is a ‘Blow-Hard’, so when he says something stupid it was already expected of him.  So nothing new.

What about Ben Carson?  He is a brilliant Doctor, but many like me feel he might be something of a savant.  He is very brilliant in a specific area, but is extremely lacking in all of the others.

This is the best the GOP has to offer?  YIKES!