Trump & Carson boycott CNBC Debate, because “extra air time” is ridiculous.

So it appears that Donald Trump and Ben Carson are in the news… AGAIN!  This time they are in the news because they are in agreement.   They both agree that they want to boycott the CNBC GOP Debate.  But why?  Well, Donald Trump recently outlined his protest via twitter:

So let me get this straight,  CNBC wants to offer the GOP Candidates MORE TIME for the debate so that they can sell some commercials.  Got it.  But that means they want to add time to the debate so that they don’t take time away from the candidates.  What I don’t understand is why the Profit-driven business mogul is so deadset against a company trying to maximize their profits for the event.  At least they are saying they want to add time so that they don’t take away from candidates…

Wait… I get it, Donald Trump doesn’t want more time added to the debate because he has nothing to say that has any substantial detail to it.  More time would mean that Donald Trump would have to actually speak to his “plans” and with specifics.

So, why would someone be more air time?  The answer is they would be against it if they ultimately know they don’t have anything important to say.

Here is the actual document filed by both Donald Trump and Ben Carson.


Trump and Carson threaten to opt out of CNBC debate