Tony Dungy Just Told Dan Patrick He Thought Patriots Bugged Visitor Locker Room

NBC’s Tony Dungy joined the show and shared his take on DeflateGate. Dan asked what he thought of speculation the Patriots spied on opposing locker rooms.

“We had a few ex-Patriots who said you have to be careful about what you do and say in the locker room,” said Dungy of his time as coach in Indianapolis.

But Dungy said that he wasn’t sure if it actually happened or if it was out there as a form of intimidation or making another team worry “Psychologically I think it did have an impact,” Dungy said.

Peyton used to leave the locker room to discuss game play plans because of this fear, said Dungy.



Really? This is just getting out of hand now. Bugging the locker room? Is this the best you can come up with after getting beat like a drum year after year (except 1, I know)… Come on Dungy