Tom Brady Texted His $50K Donation To The Jimmy Fund Via Text Message

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.59.06 AMJohn Dennis, host of the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show (featuring Minihane) sent Tom Brady a text message during yesterday’s radio telethon to see if Brady wanted to come on the air. Dennis asked Brady if he would be willing to join the plethora of athletes, both former and current that came on the air during the telecast.

Brady wasn’t able to call in but did agree to send in a cool $50K for the cause. Just an awesome move. I love the amount of $50k too, the same amount that is going to potentially be the amount he is fined from the NFL. Just a total F-U to Goodell and the league. Hey Roger, I’d rather give the $50k to a great cause rather than your pathetic ass.

Goodell after seeing this text message decided that it is more probably than not that Brady was texting while driving and is going to impose another fine and seek further suspension as well as revoke Brady’s license.

Eat shit Goodell, while your deep into a case your not going to win, Brady is busy making the world a better place.

Goodell = Wasting millions on a case that has no structure

Brady = Donating money to cancer research

Roger Goodell… He’s for cancer


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