This Unlikely Murder Witness Will Tear You Up Inside With Laughter

bud the parrot

With all of the craziness going on in the news lately, you could probably use something a bit different.   Well, in Michigan, the family of a murder victim is insisting to investigators that the best chance at finding the one responsible for the death of Martin Duram, is his talking pet parrot Bud.  You got that right.  The best and possibly only eye-witness in this case could be this parrot who is described in an interview with WOOD-TV as being able to “take in everything”.


Now as funny as it may sound, this is no laughing matter as a 45-year old man is dead and his wife was survived but suffered a shotgun wound to the head.  This traumatic situation has investigators and family desperate for leads and as funny as it may sounds, Bud may be the answer.  Take a look at the video story on Bud from Wood TV 8…

Wood TV 8