The Worlds Tallest Cliff Jump Record Looks Absolutely Insane

Redbull – From below, a high-dive platform resting at 58.8m looks simply high. From above? It quickens your pulse and makes you draw in your breath and wonder how anyone could survive this kind of a drop – even if it is into an 8m-deep pool of aerated water. But that’s the view Laso Schaller had as he contemplated such a leap. And he made it – setting a new world record along the way. The Brazilian-born, Swiss-raised 27-year-old is a canyoning expert – using rope, harness and other rigging to descend rivers in ways few others have before. He’s got numerous first descents to his name. Of course, in canyoning, there’s another way of getting down that doesn’t involve the hassle of ropes, anchors, or belay devices: you just jump. Schaller’s picked up a reputation for being the most fearless of all: he regularly leaps off 25m, 30m or even 35m cliffs with nary a thought. But almost 60m – higher than anyone has ever jumped before him? That takes some thought.

Ummm.. No thanks. If its taller than 10 feet I ain’t jumping off it unless its a life or death necessity. How about Redbull proving that it does not in fact give you wings?

And how do you attempt this and know you aren’t going to die? Trial and error from others? Is it all in the technique at impact? At what height could he go further up and still survive? He needs to test this out.

This dudes jump made Brady’s jump look far less death defying also