The Vast Majority of NFL Players Don’t Care About Deflate Gate – ESPN Player Poll



ESPN’s NFL Nation reporters and ESPN The Magazine contributors polled more than 100 players (not every player answered every question) and found a similarly sensible consensus. While 72 percent of respondents believe the Patriots were responsible for lowering air pressure of the footballs, only 16 percent said they were “upset” by it and 68 percent said they think other teams do the same thing. Sixty percent said the Patriots aren’t “cheaters.”

Quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension is too long, according to nearly 80 percent of the players. So it’s no surprise that 88 percent said league discipline should not be determined solely by commissioner Roger Goodell.


Here are the complete results of the 13-question survey:

Complete Results Of 13-Question Survey
1. Do you think the Patriots deflated footballs?
Yes: 72%
No: 28%
2. Yes or no: I am upset with the Patriots for allegedly deflating footballs.
Yes: 16%
No: 84%
3. Yes or no: I think the Patriots are cheaters.
Yes: 42%
No: 58%
4. Do you think deflated footballs impact the outcome of games?
Yes: 48%
No: 52%
5. How many games should Tom Brady have been suspended for?
Average answer: 1.5
More than four games: 3%
Four games exactly: 19%
Fewer than four games: 78%
6. With Tom Brady sitting for four games, will the Patriots still make the playoffs?
Yes: 85%
No: 15%
7. Yes or no: I’m still mad about SpyGate.
Yes: 20%
No: 80%
8. Should player discipline be decided by Roger Goodell?
Yes: 12%
No: 88%
9. Yes or no: I think other teams illegally tamper with balls.
Yes: 68%
No: 32%
10. What is the most common form of on-field cheating in football?
Holding: 55% (Most popular answer)
11. What is the most outlandish form of cheating you’ve witnessed in a game?
Cheap shots and deliberate injuries: 52% (Most popular answer)
12. What percentage of players do you think cheat in some way on the field?
13. Do you think players on your own team cheat?
Yes: 29%
No: 71%

What is the most common form of on-field cheating in football? Holding. 55%

Do you think players on your team cheat? 71% – No

So, if holding is part of the definition of on-field cheating, what does it tell you when 71% of players don’t think other players on their team cheats? This tells me that many NFL players aren’t members of Mensa…

So to summarize, that vast majority of players don’t give a shit and want to move on from this. It seems like 20% of the players are still bitter about Spygate.