The NFL’s Final Offer to Tom Brady Was a Flat Out Joke…

at M&T Bank Stadium on September 23, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland.


Sports Illustrated legal expert Michael McCann checked in with Dennis & Callahan on Tuesday to discuss the latest Deflate Gate developments and what is likely next in the case after Judge Richard Berman rules. 

 On Monday it was reported the NFL would be willing to cut Tom Brady’s suspension to three games if he admitted guilt. 

“It’s may be the worst offer I’ve ever heard,” McCann said, “That offer, they had to have made it knowing there’s zero percent chance that Tom Brady would take it. If they had offered a more nuance admission — you admit to reckless behavior in terms of your cooperation, something like that, maybe that’s a start. But to expect he’s going to admit to the Wells Report is really absurd.”

What a ridiculous offer. You are in the middle of litigating against someone who is proclaiming their innocence, why the hell would they take a slightly reduced sentence and in return have to admit guilt? Is it just so the NFL’s bogus scheme doesn’t look so horrible because they got someone to admit something? Talk about ridiculous. The NFL know’s they are screwed in this decision. Judge Berman has done nothing just tip his hand to the NFL that he is leaning towards the NFLPA and freeing Brady. The NFL has nothing, this is one last plea by Goodell to not look so horrible to the other 31. Goodell figures if he can somehow get Brady to admit guilt, all this was worth it… Not to mention, if Brady took their baited offer and admitted guilt, he would then face perjury charges. Nice try NFL. Brady is better off losing than admitting to anything. I say let the haters hate.