The flaws with the Liberal argument for Gun Control… Again.

Every single time a tragic event occurs, the political hyenas come out in a rabid pack.  Before significant information has come to light and with our camera / news feed mentality, before the event has even been completed, the political point posturing has charged up and fired.  Here we are, at it again.

This counterpoint is not a political battle fighting for the most points while changing the mind of none.  I refuse to partake.  This counterpoint is a challenge to those who proclaim to want things to get better while provide better protections.  Get off the gun control/ gun restriction train and get onto the helping people movement.

Culture is the true battle front.  This is where ideologies, faith, economics, and health converge.  We live together yet we are so separated from each other.  I think that one answer came from a campaign pointed at homosexuals: “It gets better”.

The It gets better campaign was aimed (pun intended) at younger homosexuals and acted as a hand stretching out from those who are older and dealt with the troubles and pain which plagued this community in times past.  We, as a collective, must turn our focus from opposing the rights of fellow Americans and reach out with open arms and resources to help individuals who are going through hardships and are incapable of managing their issues.  We must   campaign and donate to organizations and churches who have the training to talk to these individuals and help them overcome their fears, pain, and anger.

The gun control debate is great for publicity and opinions but it is a right so valued that it is in one of the most important of American documents.  Get off the skewed statistics that change all of nobody’s mind.  Guns kill, cars kill, abortion kills… Give me a statistic and I can explain that exact stat in my favor, then I could show you another one or two to support myself.  That does not make my position superior, that makes me so full of pride that destruction is happening all around me and all I think about is zealously clinging on to my point.

Bottom line:

Gun talk is fine, focus on what measures are in place to protect ourselves and help fund and/ or get the word out of organization that can help.  Start another viral “it gets better” but reword it to something that focuses on helping would be shooters to get out their angst and cope with life.   Perhaps a “You are not alone” slogan.  Remember, there are already ample restrictions and measures and even in the most restrictive of places, gun homocides are rampant.  Let’s find ways to become better together and reach out our hands to those who are drowning, that may be the difference between another news frenzy at the expense of someones death, or just another day.


The New Denizen