The flaw with the conservative arguments against gun control

If you didn’t see it last week, we have posted the video of his remarks below:

So the numbers that President Obama asked the media to research were, how many Americans have been killed from Terrorism vs Firearms.   Those numbers, provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are staggering.  If you are ready for them, here they are:

Total firearm deaths in the United States from 2001-2013 (the most recent year available):

406,496 (153,144 homicides)

Total American deaths via Terrorism:


You read that right… 406,496 to 3,380.   While, the number of firearm homicides is are a little under half that at 153,144.  The conservative response is always, “there are more suicides than homicides… mental health is the issue… guns are not the problem, people are the problem”.  This is true, however, 153,144 homicides cannot be ignored and gun control is not about fixing the guns.  It is about fixing the way firearms are bought and distributed in the country to help ensure that mentally ill people do not get their hands on them.  Yes, bad guys can always find a way to acquire firearms, but that does not mean that we should throw our arms in the air and not even try to combat this.  

Let’s evaluate a common argument against gun control:

Gun control laws won’t prevent people who really want to buy a gun from doing so.  

We can easily swap out guns from this equation to draw a parallel with other effective legislation that has been proven to save lives. Check this out:

Gun control laws won’t prevent people who really want to buy a gun from doing so.  

Seat belt laws won’t prevent people who really want to drive without one from doing so.

Yet, seat belt laws are extremely effective at saving lives.  Why would guns be any different?  

We can do it again with another example as well.  Watch this:

Gun control laws won’t prevent people who really want to buy a gun from doing so.  

Drunk Driving laws won’t prevent people who really want to drink and drive from doing so.

And with this example, this is what gun control is.  With driving laws, nobody is talking about rounding up all of the automobiles and making everyone return to the days of Horse and Carriage.  Instead, it is talking about the manner in which someone operates an automobile, is not permitted to operate an automobile, and also what is required in order to purchase an automobile.  GunControl

How are guns any different?  Almost always the answer to this question is that automobiles kill Americans far more often than

But do they?  Let us consult the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.  

From 2001-2013, the total number of automobile fatalities in the United States was a staggering: 


So, it is more.  Relatively speaking, not by much.  38,574 each year for cars, 31,268 for guns.   Just about half of the automobile fatalities involved alcohol where a little under half of the gun deaths were homicides.  The rest were accidents.   One of these is extremely legislated and policed.  One of these is not.   Its the guns.. The guns are not.  

Making this situation even more extreme is the fact that both of these issues pretty much match the total number of American Terrorism deaths in a single month.  Yet, Terrorism seems to be the primary concern for most legislation and security.  The significant legislation that has been proposed and passed regarding terrorism has been very controversial.  Including one that some say have stripped Americans’ civil liberties and invaded their rights to privacy. Yet, there has been virtually no new limitations that have been placed on common sense gun control.  

President Obama said just last week that he could not guarantee that there would not be another school or mass shooting during the remainder of his term.  A week after his statements, there were two school shootings on the same day, hours apart, in Texas and in Arizona.  Two more students lost there lives, thankfully it was not more, but even one is too many.