The best Boston sports night ever. One year ago today

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One of the best sports nights I’ve ever experienced was exactly one year ago tonight. It was one of those days where everyone knows where they were when it happened.

It all started with an unbelievable Patriots 4th quarter comeback 5 second comeback over the Saints.

It starts with Edelman for 23 yds:

Then Austin Collie for 15 yds:

A screen to Aaron Dobson for 6 yds

Then a big missed opportunity to Edelman

And again!

A quick 9 yds to Collie on 4th down, huge… Collie tackled with 16 seconds left. Had to Spike it!!! Going nuts right about now!!

Then with 5 seconds left, this!!!

Absolutely amazing. Insane! One of the best finishing drives REGULAR SEASON drives I’ve seen from Brady!!!


Scott Zolak also gave us one the best play calls in radio history… Here is his call to the setting of Tecmo Bowl.

 Rob Ryan’s reaction face is pure greatness. BRADY’D!


But the night wasnt over yet… The Sox were about to take on Detriot in game 2 of the ALCS..

The unhittable Max Scherzer was on the mound for Detroit, and he lived up to his reputation. Only giving up 2 hits through 7 IP. Our offense had nothing going on the whole game. It wasnt until the 8th inning that we were able to get him out of the game and get to the bullpen to try to take advantage. And boy did we ever…

It all started with Stephen Drew grounding out to Shortstop (figures)

Middlebrooks doubled to left

Ellsbury walked

Victorino struck out (2 outs)

Pedroia singled to right..

BASES LOADED, down by 4… Then this happened!!!

Unreal! Hunter goes flying V into the bullpen, Horgan becomes a sensation!

Tied game in the 8th.. After that come back, you cant lose… and we didnt. Saltalamacchia singled home Johnny Gomes in the 9th to win the game!


One of the best days watching sports in my life. Sports porn at its best..

Never Forget 10-13-13