Super Bowl XLIX Preview / Prediction



OTM Sports – Patriots fans have waited for this day to come for 3 years. The New England Patriots, who are aiming for their fourth Super Bowl victory will take on the defending champion, Seattle Seahawks. The game pits one of the league’s best offenses, lead by quarterback Tom Brady, against the Seattle Seahawks and their league leading defense.

After week 4’s embarrassing loss to the Chiefs, its safe to say many Patriots fans had their doubts about this team. But they turned it around, kicked it in to gear, and absolutely annihilated the rest of their schedule. After starting the season 2-2, they finished the rest of the schedule 10-2. The doubts about this team certainly were a driving force and motivating factor for this team.  During the toughest stretch of their schedule in the middle of the season, they played their best football. This team proved then that they were ready to take this ship to Phoenix.

The end of this script takes the Patriots to Arizona where they can write the perfect finish to a great turnaround season. The Patriots look to win their 4th Super Bowl in the last 14 season, while Russell Wilson looks to become the youngest QB with 2 Super Bowls in only his 3rd season.

The AFC Champion Patriots certainly had enough noise to deal with going into this game with the saga of Deflate Gate, but if there is one team that can ignore this noise and keep on the mission, its this team. Deflate Gate will finally take a step aside for the actual game this weekend which is expected to be the highest rated television event in the history of television.

The Patriots are 100% healthy going into this game while Seattle is hurt, bruised and battered. Corner Richard Sherman who injured his arm in the NFC Championship Game still isn’t fully recovered and Cam Chancellor injured his leg in drills just days prior to the big game. Richard Sherman has also made it known that if his wife goes into labor (due any second) he may consider not playing this game. The Patriots will have a healthy Rob Gronkowski for this game as well, he has not been healthy in late January/February yet for this team. The Patriots are going to be too physical for Seattle to handle.

I’m expecting a slow game to start out, couple punts early on by both teams, but I expect New England to take over this game with their plan and execution. A heavy dose of Edelman, Gronkowski and Blount will be too much for Seattle.  New England will pick apart the Seattle defense and take home the Lombardi Trophy.

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