Stanton nears $325mil contract with Marlins


Miami Marlins star outfielder, Giancarlo Stanton, is near agreement that would be for a record 13 year $325 million dollars..

Talk about ridiculous. The kid is good, but no one is worth that amount of money for that period of time. Has anyone not seen what happened to even Albert Pujols after he signed a big contract with the Angels? Total tank job.. No one is immune to aging. Once you hit 30, expect a steady decline.

Even if they back end load the contract to save them money now in anticipation of trading him, it’ll only make him that much tougher to deal later on making say $35mil a year in his mid 30’s. No one will do it.

It’s not even like he puts asses in the seats, I went to a Marlins game in Miami a couple years ago in the new stadium and it was maybe 25% filled.

This deal makes no sense except for Stanton and his agent. Dumb move by a terrible franchise. He could easily be moved for multiple assets.