Someone thought the TBS Post-Game Show went to commercial… It didn’t. Oops!

As you know, the Cubs lost tithe Mets 4-2 in the opening game of the NLCS.  The Cubs were unable to establish an offense but the fault here is really on Third Base Coach Gary Jones who signaled for Starlin Castro to try to score from second base with only 1 out in the top of the 5th on a screaming single to left field.   He was out at home and instead of having first and third with 1 out, the inning and scoring momentum was dead.

Anyways, after the game the TBS post-game show with Pedro Martinez, Dusty Baker, and Gary Sheffield was having some fun with with photoshop as they made Pedro Martinez and Met’s player Noah Syndergaard look like Loki and Thor from Marvel’s Avengers.  (I guess the Mets have embraced some geekdom even though they get it mostly wrong.  Matt “The Dark Knight” Harvey, yet Harvey Dent is Two-Face and not The Dark Knight… But I am off topic.  Our friends at will probably be all over that anyway)

Well anyway, when they cut to commercial, someone didn’t quite cut to commercial and the audience was able to clearly hear someone proclaim “Mother F—-in'”

Here is the clip below, it is not censored so beware:

Yeah,  someone is definitely in some Mother F—in’ Deep Dish indeed!