SNL skit critiques America’s obsession with guns…

Amy Schumer hosted Saturday Night Live last Saturday.  The show was pretty funny but what was most poignant during the show was a digital skit about Americans and their Guns.  The skit, “Guns”, poses as a satirical critique of the perceived gun obsession by Americans.

There should be no reasonable thinking person who would not admit that there is a problem in American regarding deaths by firearm.  So right off the bat there should be no immediate sides taken up to this point.  Controversy truly begins when we start debating the method in which we address this problem.  Joed, the writer for our ‘The New Denizen’ column is getting ready to publish his article outlining the problem with the liberal arguments for gun control.  People like Joed, who tend to take the stance that more gun legislation is unnecessary,  along with most conservatives will probably have an issue with the skit from SNL.  I am sure we will hear something about “Liberal Celebrities with Agendas” etc.  They may be right.

However, As I mentioned in my past article, there is also problem with the conservative argument against gun control.  There are problems on both sides, which means there is a bigger implication.  It will take everyone to fix this problem.  What is the solution?  Personally, I don’t know.  I do know that we can’t continue to do nothing but talk.  The liberal opinion of this skit will likely be that the portrayals of gun owners in this video is not too far off from mindset that real life advocates have.  Again, I don’t know what the intention was, I hope it was just to further the discussion so that we can get closer to a cooperative solution.

Take a look at the skit below for yourself and tell us what you think: