Should ‘Good Guys’ Use Guns To Stop Crime?

We have heard a lot about guns over the years.  One of the biggest and most recurring lines that you will hear is that “The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun”.   While the logic in that statement may be sound, the way that it is being used to encourage gun ownership and more holders of concealed weapon licenses is absurd.  There is no one gun statistic that can tell the story.  Take a look at these numbers from

The real but short answer that nobody wants to hear is:


Now, I am sure may of you saw that line and are immediately in the comments section.  But let me explain before I show you a clip on this topic as well.  ‘Good Guys’, for the most part, are not TRAINED to handle violent crisis situations.  In many instances, they will end up causing more harm that good.


‘Good Guys’ does include police officers BTW, who while 99.9% of them are ‘Good Guys’, there are not that many of them that are “HIGHLY TRAINED” to handle this situation.  The shooter response training programs are taking place and are surely helping, not all police officers are ready for everything all the time.  Now, they do still need their firearms for protection and enforcement, but more training is definitely needed.  After all, are we not tired of hearing about police officers that used firearms in situations when they did not need to, or should not have used their firearm?  These instances happen so often lately, that they bring into question the instances when a police officer did use their firearm correctly.  The public is going insane over this topic, and many feel that this is all because of the “few bad apples” that have ruined the reputation of law enforcement.  I would argue that maybe firearm first should not be the mentality for a neighborhood police officer.  ‘Shoot First, Ask Later’ is more of a wartime mentality that should stay on the battlefield, not on the home front.


It is extremely unlikely that ‘Cletus The Concealed Gun Owner’ is trained to handle a crisis situation.  In fact, Most Concealed Weapons Owners are not even required to have actual weapons training at all.  I went through a Concealed Weapons Licence Course in Florida and it was a joke.  The instructor spent most of the time picking and choosing parts of the statutes that he felt were relevant, and then we had to take a written exam, which he went over question by question with us and told us what to answer and what not to answer.  I was also only required to fire one round down range, that was pre-loaded and prepared.  I did not have to successfully hit the target, I didn’t even have to demonstrate that I knew how to safely load and arm my firearm.  It was a complete joke.

From experience, I can say that a concealed weapons licence does not qualify you to handle a crisis situation.  To further tag on to that point, watch this clip from Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show called “Good Guy With A Gun”.