Sheldon Richardson Arrested After Being Clocked at 143 MPH in Bentley With 12 Year Old In Car

The New York Jets’ Pro Bowl defensive lineman was arrested , after being clocked at 143 MPH in his Bentley on I-64 in Missouri during an apparent speed race. He faces a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest and an array of traffic violations.

He said as officers attempted to stop Richardson’s car and the other vehicle along the highway, Richardson increased his speed, drove off the highway, and sped through a traffic light to try to get away. Authorities later discovered a 12-year-old child and two other adult men were in Richardson’s car.

Officers ended up arresting Richardson when he pulled into the driveway of a home in a nearby neighborhood. Lohmar said Richardson then complied with the officers’ demand to get out of the vehicle.

Richardson is already suspended for the first four games of the 2015 season, after violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Are Jets fans cool with this? A guy who is a substance abuser and then puts a child in danger like this as well… Is this worse than deflated footballs? Do they think endangering a child and pedestrians is something to brush off? Get over yourselves New Yorkers and keep staying classy…