Series 2 Preview (Bruins vs. Canadiens)

This week will start the 34th playoff series against each other in what is set to be a great series. What turned out to be a cake walk series for the Bruins in the first round was that much more of a cake walk for the Canadiens in their first round sweep of the Lightning. If the Bruins don’t give in to Montreals antics and get caught retaliating, this can be an easy series for the Bruins.


Carey Price will most likely be getting the starts in the series for Montreal who saw little playing time this season against the Bruins. His only start against us he allowed 1 goal in a win. This is going to be a physical series as always between these two teams but we are simply the better team all around. Our powerplay is first in the NHL Playoffs at 37% (6 of 16) which for this team compared to previous years, is a huge improvement and makes us that much more of a threat.  Bring on Round 2!

-Bruins in 6