Roger Goodell’s next victim after Tom Brady, uniform violators!

Apparently, Roger Goodell has run out of things to dwell over since the Deflate-Gate saga has concluded.  So it seems he is now looking to re-coup the millions of dollars he wasted in that debacle by fining players for the most mundane things.

Meet Martellus Bennett, the Tight-End and one of the only productive player on the Chicago Bears’ roster as of lately.  He has been fined $5,787 for wearing the wrong color cleats.  His cleats are black while the team wore white cleats.   MB, that’s what you get for being REBELLIOUS.

Well, not so fast.  Bennett’s cleats were worn for health reasons.  He has had chronic foot injuries due to his playing in the NFL.  These cleats are better for his health, and apparently do not come in white.  So the NFL and Roger Goodell, in the day of numerous NFLPA lawsuits alleging that the NFL does not care about the health of their athletes, prove that the primary focus of the NFL is to look good and not to be well.

Martellus Bennett is now down $6,000 per game if his shoes look like this,

black shoes

Instead of this.

white shoes