Rodney Harrison: Tom Brady Will “Make Everybody Pay” For Deflate Gate

UntitledThe NFL can consider this a warning…

Whenever Tom Brady steps onto the field this season, he’s gunning for you. Brady’s return date remains uncertain at the moment, as the New England Patriots quarterback still awaits Roger Goodell’s ruling on his Deflategate suspension appeal. But one of Brady’s former teammates believes that, regardless of whether he gets the full four games or no games at all, the 37-year-old quarterback will be out for blood in 2015.

“… I’m telling you: This is the best thing that could have happened to Tom Brady,” former Pro Bowl safety Rodney Harrison told’s Jenny Vrentas. “This will rejuvenate him. The rest of the league better look out. This year, he’s going to make everybody pay for what’s happened.”

Brady’s numbers last year — 33 touchdown passes and 9 interceptions; 4,109 passing yards and a 64.1 percent completion rate — suggest no signs of him slowing down, and pegs him as the No. 1 most influential person in the NFL. Brady clearly still holds plenty of clout, both on and off the field, and while the reigning Super Bowl MVP has remained relatively quiet on Deflategate to date, Harrison insists his ex-teammate won’t let this incident go by the wayside.

“Believe me, he’s not saying anything right now, but this is pissing him off, big-time,” Harrison added. “He will be supremely motivated this year. I know him. I know how he thinks. And this is going to be very bad for the rest of the league when they play Brady this year.”

The first four teams on New England’s schedule — the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Buffalo Bills, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Dallas Cowboys — likely are hoping Brady’s full suspension holds up. As for the rest of the league? Good luck.

I have never been so amped up to post a blog, I was going to save this until Monday but why the hell wait, might as well make everyones weekend better. Tom Brady is going to F’ing annihilate the rest of the NFL. I really feel bad for whoever the away team is Brady’s first game back, going to be absolutely insane. You thought there was a chip on his shoulder falling to the 6th round in the NFL Draft? Wait until you see the “me against the rest of the world chip”. Less than 2 weeks until training camp, insanity will ensue!

Let’s GO TB12!


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