Report: Tom Brady goes deep to score in 10-hour hearing, comes across as “an A+, 10 kind of guy”


Maybe, just maybe Tom Brady won’t be serving any time after all.

After a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, it sounds like Brady did himself proud in his 10-hour hearing before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to appeal his four-game suspension for his role in Deflategate.

Schefter reported the following Tuesday night, following a 10-hour hearing before Goodell, NFL attorney Jeff Pash and the author of the Wells Report, Ted Wells.

“I was told Tom Brady was his greatest ally. He was in that room the entire time and came off, on a scale of 1 to 10, in the words of a person in that room, as an A+, 10 kind of guy,” Schefter reported.

“He gave sincere, genuine answers. He had an explanation for everything that went on in the Wells Report, and anyone who knows and has dealt with Tom Brady knows how genuine he can be. I’m told that genuineness shined through during the course of that appeal, which I think is going to make life more difficult for Roger Goodell to make a decision on.”

The two sides agreed to a confidentiality order from the Commissioner, meaning the details of who said what during the 10 hours of testimony and discussion will likely not be made public until the Goodell renders his decision.

But, as Schefter’s report shows, that didn’t keep some from attesting to the tone of the proceeding, which may be just as important as the content and information that was shared.

It’s unknown just how long it will take Goodell to consider the information and testimony collected Tuesday in New York. – WEEI


Dam right Tommy! Go get em! What’s going to come out of this is how much of an asshat Ted Wells and Roger Goodell are. Total schmucks that got flat out embarrassed. No details of this hearing will be released until after a decision is made but from whats being said, it sounds like its “more probably than not” that Brady’s suspension will be lifted and he will be playing week 1. Now lets raise the banner!!!

Fuck you Roger, Sincerely – all of New England