REPORT: Mike Kensil Leaked False Information to Mortensen For Initial Deflate Gate Report


Wow, big blow to the NFL here.

According to Dennis and Callahan, on-air personalities at WEEI, NFL Executive (and former Jets employee) Mike Kensil is the man responsible for giving Chris Mortensen the false information that 11 of the 12 footballs the Patriots used in the AFC Championship game were two full pounds under the legal limit: WHICH WAS FALSE and disproved in the Wells Report. Kensil was at the AFC Championship game when each ball was measured and still fed Mort with false info. There is a report now that he sparked the entire investigation and attempted to spear-head a sting operation against the Patriots after being informed of their alleged ball tampering practices…Not a good look NFL.

There is also belief that a high-ranking NFL official told Stephen A. Smith that Brady destroyed his phone, thus allowing Smith to introduce that notion before the ruling was even made public. Brady never destroyed it, the NFL emphasized that to make it sound worse on him…

At this point you really can’t believe the NFL, it’s now one big cover up and the Patriots are the scapegoat. Kensil giving Mortenson the false report that started all of this gives Brady’s camp strong evidence that the NFL violated the CBA and gives Brady cause to sue for defamation. The league will be begging him not to sue. This would explain why Mortensen declined the WEEI interview this morning…  Be a man just one time Mortenson you coward…