Report: Ex-Miami Dolphins coach filing defamation suit vs. Ted Wells



The offensive line coach for the Miami Dolphins who was fired after an investigative report by Ted Wells found that he was actively involved in the bullying and harassment of Jonathan Martin has filed a defamation suit against Wells, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter . 

Wells, who has been the headlines for his report on the DeflateGate scandal, alleged in his first report for the NFL that then-Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito bullied Martin and that Jim Turner, the team’s offensive line coach, perpetuated the harassment. According to Wells, Turner lied to investigators, attempted to convince Martin to exonerate Incognito and participated in the taunting of players. 

Several months after Turner was fired by the Dolphins, he told ESPN that he was “angry” that he was out of a job due to the report. Turner even hired New York attorney Peter Ginsberg to do his own investigation of the situation and the report defended the coach.

Defamation suits are very hard to win, BUT you can subpoena phone, email, and other records. I would love Brady to file a defamation suit, with the goal of embarrassing the NFL. It doesn’t matter if he wins (he doesn’t need the money), but I would LOVE to see the private email of Goodell, Pash, Kensil, and Wells on this, as well as all their cell phone records. I want the NFL front office exposed as the pieces of shit they are, I guarantee if the judge rules against Brady, this will come next… And quite honestly, I think Brady has a case, this has been a complete smear campaign.