Really… This the best you could come up with?

 Why are suicide rates up in the U.S. especially for White American’s? Has President Obama’s two administrations been that challenging for you? The suicide rates here in the USA have surged to the highest level in three decades, according to a new report. The increase is particular with middle age white people that make up a third of the suicide rates. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) didn’t offer any explanation for the steep rise.

However other experts have pointed to the increase abuse of prescription opiates and the financial downturn that began before President Obama in early 2008 as likely factors. The report didn’t break down the suicides by education or income levels. “This is part of the larger emerging pattern of evidence of the links between poverty, hopelessness and health,” Robert D Putnam, a professor of public policy at Harvard told the New York Times

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