Prehistoric Mass Grave Found In Germany…. Figures!!!

Photo released Monday Aug. 17, 2015 by researcher Christian Meyer shows the fractured skull of an about eight-years-old child with a digital mark (3cm=1.18 inch) to show the size. The perimortem cranial injury in the frontal bone of the child that lived in the Stone Age was found on skeletal remains in a grave near Frankfurt, Germany, that bear signs of terrible violence some 7,000 years ago, rare evidence, scientists say, of a massacre among Europe’s prehistoric people. (Christian Meyer via AP)

An Associated Press Article posted to Yahoo outlined a disturbing prehistoric find.  Scientists have found a 7,000 year old mass grave in Germany that features skeletons that appear to have been killed in a horrific way.  Yes, you read that correctly… IN PREHISTORIC GERMANY!  It looks as though, Germans have always been assholes!  Come on Germany, get it together!

The grave includes the skeletal remains of:

26 men, women and children [with] blunt force marks to the head, arrow wounds and deliberate efforts to smash at least half of the victims’ shins — either to stop them from running away or as a grim message to survivors.

They continued on:

What is particularly interesting is the level of violence. Not just the suppression of a rival community — if that is what it was — but the egregious and systematic breaking of the lower legs.  It suggests the use of terror tactics as part of this inter-community violence.  It was either torture or mutilation. We can’t say for sure whether the victims were still alive.

I don’t know about you, but dead or alive, it doesn’t really help their case either way.  If they tortured the men, women, and children while alive.  That is pretty sick.  If they mutilated the dead bodies, that is obviously sick.  Again, COME ON GERMANY!  Get your shit together!