Police are Watching Over Roger Goodell’s Maine Home; Apparently The NFL Thinks NE is Baltimore or Ferguson…

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SCARBOROUGH, Maine —NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell likely knew that his decision to uphold the four-game suspension of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would not be popular in New England.

His concern was so great that the league has asked police at his Maine vacation home to pay special attention to it.

Scarborough Police Chief Robbie Moulton told the Portland Press Herald that the NFL alerted police Tuesday about Goodell’s decision.

“They did reach out and let us know about the decision and that it might not be popular,” said Moulton.

Goodell has vacationed for years in Scarborough and recently built a home at Prout’s Neck.

The chief declined to say whether Goodell was at his home on Wednesday.

Apparently the NFL and Roger Goodell think that everyone in New England is going to go all Ferguson or Baltimore on Goodell’s house. New Englanders are way too classy for that, come one man….