People Can’t Stop Urinating & Pooping on Donald Trumps Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Screen-Shot-2016-04-04-at-10.31.42-AMVanityFair– There are plenty of places in the world emblazoned with Donald Trump’s name. But one such place—his 2007 star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—has been the target of persistent vandalism since Trump kicked off his bid for president in 2015. Graffiti is one thing, but the vandalism goes beyond the written word. Yes, some are even making their anti-Trump feelings known via public urination and defecation. Thanks to the ever present mess, there’s a rumor circulating that Trump’s star will soon be removed. The most benign version of this vandalism we can share is this photo taken last month.

Trump is a disgraceful human being, right? So let’s just go ahead and whip out our schlong and piss on the sidewalk. Seems like great logic, right? Or better yet, drop trow and drop a deuce. Talk about ballsy move whipping it out right in the middle of the public on the side of the road, but hey, he is a disgrace and you want your message to be heard. Can you imagine the insanity after this guy actually gets elected to office? Content for days…