PK Subban’s SI Cover was pulled after Gray’s performance

PK Subban was slated to be on this weeks cover of Sports Illustrated… That’s until Jonas Gray’s monster performance this Sunday against the Colts. Gray posted 201 yards in a big game and big win against Indianapolis which bumped Subban off.

Good for SI. Going with the bigger story and bigger hero. A total FU to Pk. I love it.. -merica

Also, with Malcolm Subban killing it down in Providence, you know his time will eventually come after Tuukka’s time has passed, things will probably be pretty weird in the locker room for him during a Canadiens game…

Like I can picture Lucic saying during an intermission, “no Offense Malcom, but I wanna rip your brothers head off and sh-t down his throat, but your cool”

On a happy note, PK’s Sports Illustrated cover will still run in Canada, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice…