Patriots stomp the Colts 42-20



What a day of football yesterday.  First off, before I get to the Patriots, can we all just agree that Denver has been fully exposed and flat out looked awful the past couple weeks. They go into a dome against vs a 3-6 team and just flat out look horrible. I’m trying to find Brady’s record in domes vs losing record teams. Its gotta be close to undefeated. Manning looked old, like real old. Sometimes a QB needs to sling a pass 80 mpg into a tight box and I just don’t think he can do that anymore. His passes wobble and he flat out is killing his receivers. (See the Emmanuel Sanders Decapitation) Its no wonder he advertises for Nationwide, because his receivers need it… I’m predicting right now that Denver loses the division to KC by the end of the season. They just don’t have it anymore…

The Patriots looked great again. 6 wins in a row for this team. They are rolling right now.  Over the past 6 games, they are averaging 40.5 pts. per game.  They have now beaten the other 3 AFC division leaders, and they made them all look horrible in the process.

This defense is really clicking and are becoming a major force.  Against those 3 divisional leaders, they are giving up only 19 pts. a game.  Everyone knew Luck would throw for 300 yesterday, its what he does, but we held their offense to only 19 rushing yards.. Unreal

Gronk had another great game and at this point in the season, hes gotta be the unanimous MVP.  He is abusing defenders and is near impossible to bring down.. An absolute BEAST. And boy is he fun to watch…

Brady didn’t have his best game. When he threw that pick at the end of the half and we gave up points, I was pissed. We could have put the game away right there, especially getting the ball back to start the second half..  Other guys stepped it up. Jonas Gray especially. Gray rushed 38 times for 199 yds and 4 TD’s . A night to remember for him. I can only think of one thing when I think of Jonas Grays 4 TD game….

Aside from Detroit next week, who has one of the best defenses in the league, Green Bay is going to be real tough to beat on the road. They are another team who is on a tear right now. They are embarrassing teams. I thought Philadelphia could at least go into Lambeau and at least put up a fight, instead they got blown, out.. Fox pulled their game in the 3rd qtr.  These 2 upcoming games should be good ones and will be a great test for the Patriots.

PS. How about Gronk just abusing chirpers..