Patriots block last second field goal and beat the Jets 27-25


What a game and what a finish. The Patriots beat the NY Jets 27-25 on Thursday Night Football. For starters, lets all agree that weathermen are horrible at their jobs. This game was forecasted to be a torrential downpour from the start to finish.  I don’t think it rained at all during the game which actually I believe helped the Patriots which opened up the passing game.

The Jets didn’t go down without a fight, after the Patriots opening touchdown on 4 plays, they marched right down the field on their next few drives (only to be stalled by the Pats D) with 3 consecutive field goals.  The Patriots went three and out on their next 3 possessions after their opening touchdown and this let the Jets get right back into this game.  At one point, the time of posession was Jets-17:00 Patriots 3:15.

Geno Smith did a good job keeping the Jets in this game, he actually didn’t look horrible (20/34 226 yds 1 TD 0 INT). The Jets stayed in this game with their time of posession and their rushing of the football. They were able to pount 218 Rushing yards against the Patriots defense which didn’t do anything in terms of stopping the run or getting to the quarterback.

The Patriots took a late 27-25 lead late into the 4th qtr, after recovering the Jets onside kick with 2:31 remaining in the game, the Patriots went 3 and out and punted the ball away with 1:06 left in the game.

The Jets did a great job to get themselves into field goal range with no time outs to set up a 58 yard field goal for Nick Folk with :05 left in the game.

Chris Jones was able to get over the pile and get a hand on the kick to block it which sealed the victory for the Patriots. It was a great game by both teams. Unfortunately its a continuation in the Jets down spiral of season, moving them to 1-6.

This is exactly what the Patriots needed on a short week, a tough win and plenty of time to recover before they hit the BRUTAL part of their schedule (CHICAGO, DENVER, INDY, DETROIT, GREEN BAY, SAN DIEGO) all in a row, with the bye week wedged in between.

Edelman had a couple of disappointing wide open drops last night which was discouraging, hopefully he can get it back together. On the bright side, it looks like Brady and Lafell are really starting to get on the same page and Brady has a nice big target to throw to…