Owner’s Want To Reduce Goodell’s Power After Deflate Gate Debacle



It comes as no surprise that some owners have spoken out and want to reduce Goodell’s power after this whole debacle is over. First reported by BleacherReport.com, it was noted that several owners are tired of the time and money spent on this “scandal”, especially because they don’t believe it is an important issue; should have been put to bed long ago. They don’t think its the issues involved in deflate gate but the lack of positive relationship between the NFLPA and Roger Goodell. Despite 50 years of having the final say on discipline, owners think an independent appeal process will be better suited.

Well its about damn time someone stood up and said something. Its only a matter of time Roger before you’re out of the commissioners office you dink! You totally botched this deflate gate scandal, you have set out to try to fix your fuck ups from previous cased but have only made it worse for yourself. Your legacy is ruined and you are trying to bring Brady down with you. Well too fucking back because we’re going to own your ass in court!