NHL considering bringing back the Glow Puck



“This week it was revealed that the infamous Glow Puck might end up making a comeback in the NHL, which no doubt prompted horrified screams from people who want to preserve the sanctity of the game.” – Yahoo Sports

This is a terrible move and I hope this doesn’t come to fruition. This was the biggest joke in the 90’s. I guess it makes it easier for people to follow the puck, but honestly, is it that difficult? The most frustrating thing was when the puck would get caught up in the back of the net, and you had no idea if it was a goal or not… Bring it back for replay or whatever, but not in a live speed game. It dummies the game and just looks tacky on a live broadcast. What they should consider is maybe use the Fox Trax where they show the MPH of the shot, that was cool, but the glowing puck and the shot trail, no thanks.. Save it for replays..