NFL REF’s: Game Balls Have Been Known to Leak



NFL officials have started to make their annual tour of training camps, and at most of the stops, it’€™s a chance for players and reporters to quiz referees about any new procedures or protocols for the upcoming season. So it was no surprise that when Friday at Steelers’€™ camp, officials met the the media and were asked about the new procedures surrounding treatment of the footballs — from now on, officials will mark each ball specifically and record the air pressure so they then can randomly test a ball in question at a later point if directed. It’€™s a routine that has grown out of the Deflate Gate drama.

Central Region supervisor of officials Gary Slaughter acknowledged there have been football inflation issues in the past.

“These are man-made products,” Slaughter explained Friday, specifically talking about the footballs. “There is a bladder and a valve. We have all checked them for many years. Sometimes when you check the ball in the locker room right out of the box, there could be a problem. They could have a slow leak, and you wouldn’t even know it at the time. They have been known to leak.”

Its funny, footballs are now known to leak and same with the NFL.. What they leak is bad information.

So I gotta ask, at what point do they start chalking this up to science and possibly defects in the balls? Let’s say Peyton Manning is playing a -5 degree game in Denver and starts the game out at 12.5 PSI, at halftime if they test at 11.5 are they going to send out the same lynch mob they’ve sent out for Brady?

By the way, if Peyton ever finds himself playing in a -5 degree game, always bet on the other team, that’s a fact…