Milwaukee Brewers Minor Leaguer Announces He is Gay Marking 1st Pro Baseball Player to do so..



(CNN) David Denson, a first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers’ rookie affiliate in Helena, Montana, made baseball history this weekend by revealing that he is gay.

Denson, 20, publicly disclosed the news in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article after sharing it with his family and Helena Brewers teammates. The news makes Denson the first active player affiliated with a Major League organization to come out publicly.

“Talking with my teammates, they gave me the confidence I needed, coming out to them,” Denson told sports writer

Nothing says gender equality and sexuality equality like announcing whenever an athlete comes out of the closet and making a huge story about it… If you want equality, how about not announcing it at all…. Unless your going to announce every single athlete as being straight or gay, fine. But until then, just stop it… This guy is barely batting his own weight and has no relevance in the game of baseball other than the fact that he just announced that he’s gay. This guy will now be on every talk show, every morning show, etc. It will make you wonder the real intention behind this coming out…

How about from now on, on baseball cards, draft day scouting, etc. we have a column for sexuality, like a homo or no homo stat?