MEMO TO: Today’s American Parents!

MEMO TO: Today’s American Parents!


There are a number of stories that are inspiring this concerned letter.   However, the most recent notable example is the story of Mindi Jensen.  For those of you who don’t know who Mindi Jensen is, she is a middle school teacher who lives in Price, Utah, and is being faced with a ridiculous amount of pressure from the administrators.   Why?  Because parents have complained about the social media posting of pictures that show off her physique and level of fitness!

Posts like these:


The outcry in support of Mindi Jensen is extremely justified!  Mindi’s Instagram still shows these photos and there is nothing sexually suggestive or inappropriate on the entire page!  Of course that is our opinion, but our opinion is also that we can’t even see how anyone could possibly take offense to this page.  Especially when you consider the fact that Mindi Jensen is a competing Body-Builder and was also motivated to transform her body in order to fight depression and give her a positive frame of mind.  Mindi’s tranformation, as well as so many others, is an INSPIRATION to not kids and adults alike.  Anyone who is looking for the motivation to take action towards a healthier and fit lifestyle is extremely thankful to come across posts like these.  I am one of those people as well.

Now, I have a couple of big questions Today’s American Parents.

#1 – Since educators influence children in more ways than just curriculum, don’t you want your educators to care about themselves while also having a healthy focus on their body and mind?

Mindi is a body-builder who is sharing photos of her fitness (while clothed).  Even if she is not a body builder, she is posting fitness transformation photos for inspiration. They say that to help others, you have to first help yourself.  This is why the airlines instruct adults to fasten their oxygen masks before the masks for children. I mean… there are parents who advocate for Teachers being trained and armed in the classroom in case of life threatening emergencies and attacks, many of whom are also complaining about this type of issue!  Do you want fit and healthy teachers or not?

#2 – Where did this attitude come from that allows parents to think they are entitled to control and dictate every aspect of an educator’s lifestyle?

Teachers are paid for their work inside the classroom.  Honestly, they are not paid enough as it is!  In order to properly educate classrooms that are growing in size while also trying to make sure that the children are keeping up with state and national standards (a whole separate debate topic), educators are put in a position where they must continue to work and prepare after hours and at home.  They receive no extra pay for this.  Many educators are also left in a situation where there is insufficient funding to properly stock classrooms with supplies, so many of them spend money out of their own pockets to cover these costs.  Typically there is a small allotment of reimbursement for this, but it is nowhere near enough.  Attempting to control and limit the lifestyle choices of an educator outside of their working hours is an infringement on their rights as American Citizens.  If you want to even attempt to discuss an educator’s lifestyle choices, then you must first pay them a decent wage for their current hours and then you must discuss paying them an even greater wage that would justify their 24/7 limitations on their own life.   Movie stars are controlled by studios, right down to their look, diet, and exercise routines, and they get paid MILLIONS for it.  Despite what you may have heard, educators are significantly underpaid.

#3 – Where is your accountability as a parent? 

If you are reading this and you are one of the parents that was offended by Mindi Jensen’s body-building posts, or maybe you are one of the parents who was upset that your child found his/her teacher in a pornographic video/picture.  Whether it was something the teacher participated in as a part of their past, or something they currently do to provide for their families, where is your Parental Accountability in this situation?   While considering this, revisit Question 2.  We are supposed to restrict an American Citizen’s rights and restrict what they are allowed to do outside of the workplace because you FAILED as a parent?  In today’s day, there are so many ways to restrict children’s access to inappropriate web content, and even though ‘children will find a way’, there is a parental responsibility here that is being redirected in an inappropriate manner.  How many of my teachers were in porn or in bad photos growing up?  I don’t know.  But even if they all had them, I can tell you that I would not have been able to find because my parents took the steps available to them to restrict my access.  This was in the 90’s and early 2000’s!  We have so much technology available to parents today, it’s not even funny.

This entire situation is an abomination and it is occurring far too often.  If you have issues with what your kids do on the internet, then be a parent to your child.  Don’t point the blame at someone else!  And if you are one of those parents, and you are absolutely fuming at what I have said so far, then this next point is 100% directed at you.

Censorship as a means to rid the world of content that is deemed inappropriate by some is the type of censorship that existed under Hitler and Stalin.  Books were burned, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if Instagram or Facebook existed, and they would have likely addressed it with the same thought process as all of you.


NOTE:Since this story first broke, the school administrators have since apologized and have indicated that they are going to provide training for parents on appropriate web use for children.