Me Before You, Movie Review

First allow me to state we review in “whips” the more whips the better out of 5. The lease whips for the worse project or statement in our opinion and zero whips means “suckolicious, horrid” to us here at “The Weekly Whip”. However we’ve seen the latter, some reviews go well beyond the five mark (We don’t give “Whips” out easily folks)



“Me Before You” featuring Sam Claflin as Will Traynor and Emilia Clarke as Lou Clark (yes Finnick and Daenerys) with a host of others. We went to this review with know idea of the subject matter, not even which actors are being featured, what genre, people I’m talking absolutely nothing. I might add I’m hoping to screen more movies in this state of being totally oblivious, it was quite refreshing from the norm. Nevertheless I give it 3 whips only. I enjoyed the writing and story line, dialogue was detailed and extremely specific, every word it appears get you ready for the next (which should be normal, however there’s a great deal of unnecessary dialogue in films at times) The ending wasn’t what I was hoping for or gearing my thought process (as if I produced or directed the film), which again is totally amazing and rather gratifying. Thus the reason even more so for my excitement about “Me Before You” and it only receiving 3 whips. The movie just came out 6/3/16 its worth the time and money to go watch it.

Notice know mention about the plot, story line, etc..Stop being lazy and find out for yourself, its a great film. Side note people, take a date you will cry.

Please listen to our podcast were we disclosed the story line, spoilers, we speak in depth about the plot and many other subjects regarding “Me Before You”

0 – 5 Whips…………………………………Me Before You = 3 whips

Remember the more whips the better we like your project..